Welcome to Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson Property Reservation System

*******Special Property Statements*******


Larchmont Girl Scout House Update - September 15th, 2021

The Larchmont location is now open, however due to storm damage, there is no heat or hot water.  We hope to have the location fully restored within the next month or so, but please be prepared to bring a jacket/sweater in case of cold weather.


Camp Wendy Update

Camp Wendy is now a carry in - carry out facility

  The dumpster that was located in front of the gate of Camp Wendy has been permanently removed, and there is no longer a garbage pickup. Please be prepared to take your garbage with you.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation



Guidelines for Fall 2021 Property Usage


Please be advised that due to Covid 19 restrictions, Rock Hill Camp and Camp Addisone Boyce facility availability has been decreased resulting in smaller capacities to comply with social distancing guidelines.   In addition, all Covid guidelines as outlined on our website will be in force as well, and must be complied with.  Below is an outline of the available camp facilities for Fall 2021 usage.

Rock Hill:

Woodlander and Frontier are not available this year. 

Forester, Ranger and Explorer currently have 6 tents available and each tent has 3 beds.  That makes the total capacity for each unit 18.

The cabin capacity has been reduced to half, which is 8 girls and 2 adults.

New this year - a new area has been opened up for reservation - the Explorer BYOP Deck - bring your own popup!  This area can hold approximately 4 two man tents.


Camp Addisone Boyce

No platform tents are available this year.  Cabin capacity has been reduced by half to 9 total.  Pitch tent areas are available as directed by Julio.


House overnights -

Fanny Fay- 10 total

Larchmont - 12 total

New Rochelle upstairs only - 15 total

Port Chester upstairs only  - 12 total

Tuck/East upstairs only  - 12 total

Rumsey Road - 10 total

Crestwood - 10 total

Day Use:

Troop meetings are on a first come, first served basis.

New this year, all troop meeting reservations - camp and the houses -  are 2 hours, and will carry a $5 charge for each 2 hour increment to cover the cost of disinfection and maintenance.  The cabins in Rock Hill now have a 2 hour troop meeting reservation under the facility tab. 


Pleasantville office location:

Please note that the Pleasantville Office is no longer available for use as a troop meeting location.  



Special notice to non Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson Members and non Girl Scouts:

Only Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson member troops and service units may reserve our properties using this system. If you access Doubleknot through another Girl Scout council, agency or company, please contact Customer Care at customercare@girlscoutshh.org for availability and reservation information.

~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~

Property Usage

In order to maintain our properties in good condition and to ensure that usage is a pleasant experience for all, we ask that you be mindful of the condition that you are leaving our properties in.  Expectations and guidelines can be found in the usage document that will be emailed to you when you reserve property.  Please be aware that failure to follow these guidelines could result in possible charges should a cleaning or repair become necessary.

To learn more, please contact bdamiano@girlscoutshh.org, or call 845-236-6002 ext. 211


Please note:

Should the need arise for GSHH to change your reservation due to a conflict with a council program or event, you will be notified with ample time to reschedule. Every effort will be made to honor your reservation, but there are times when unanticipated changes will need to be made.


*****For Property Access ******

**Many of our properties utilize a lockbox for access.  Beginning in May 2020, access information will be emailed to the address on your profile when you reserve property. Please ensure you locate that email.  If you do not receive it, please contact Customer Care.  Access to our properties that utilize a lockbox will not be possible without this information!


Please click here to view our Property Cancelation Policy



It is our hope that this system will make it easier to reserve the property you need with less effort and paperwork.  We have many beautiful properties and would like nothing more than to have them utilized by our members.

Reservations will not be accepted via fax, email or phone; please make all reservations online. If you have questions please email property@girlscoutshh.org.


Archery and Ropes:

Please note when reserving the Archery Range or Ropes facility at any GSHH camp,  you are responsible for securing a GSHH approved Facilitator.  A list of rules and facilitators can be emailed to you by contacting customercare@girlscoutshh.org


Please note that boating is only available on a case by case basis because we do not have Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson facilitators.  Below is a summary of what is required for boating in our camps - if you have a facilitator that you believe has the needed qualifications, please contact Octavia Ford at oford@girlscoutshh.org to discuss.

Boating requires a Lifeguard with current CPR for the Professional Rescuer and Waterfront Certification, plus an adult with documented experience in the specific type of boating or Small Craft Safety certification.  Consult Safety Activity Checkpoint for girl to Lifeguard and watcher ratios.


To check site availability and reserve:

Click on the Make A Reservation link at the top of the page and select the property you are interested in.

Scout Houses and Regional Offices:

  1. Select the category type (day use, programs, sleeping units, etc.) from the left drop down menu in the  Category field.
  2. Use the calendar to view the availability and select the date you wish to reserve.
  3. If you are reserving the facility for hourly day use, select the date and indicate the start and end time needed.
  4. If you plan to reserve a facility for an overnight, select your arrival and departure dates.
  5. Click  reserve for your options to populate.

Camp Properties:

  1. Click the type of reservation you are interested in from Category  field on the left hand side of the page
  2. Use the calendar to view the availability and select the date you wish to visit the camp.
  3. Use the drop down labeled  Duration  to indicate how many nights.
  4. Click Search for your options to populate.
  5. When you find the facility you would like to reserve, click the RESERVE  button next to the item to add it to your shopping cart.
  6. Continue through the check out process.

A note about camp properties:

All of our camps have common usage areas, such as the Clegg picnic area or field in Camp Addisone Boyce,  the Tanglewood Firepit Picnic Area in Rock Hill, and the Tigerlily lodge in Camp Wendy.  We expect cooperation in coordinating usage in these areas during overnights and shared usage events.  If you are not staying overnight we ask that you reserve usage in these common areas so that we know you are in camp. Thank you for your cooperation!